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Cafe 29 (Glencoe)

The Glencoe Club is in the process of stepping out of the ‘club’ box with the redesign of the food and beverage spaces. This project is the first in a series of projects that will progressively transform the F&B offering at the club.

Since opening, Café 29 has quickly become the busiest food and beverage outlet in the club, and ‘the’ place members meet and bring their guests and families. At the onset of the renovation, the café was relocated to the exterior window side of the building, optimizing natural daylight and accentuating the bright and airy feeling of the space. The open-kitchen concept, open seating configuration, and use of vibrant color create a level of sophistication that is both timeless and playful; a true reflection of the Glencoe Club and the community it serves.

OX Bar de Tapas

After visiting Barcelona, the FRANK team was exceptionally inspired to bring to life the reimagined Spanish institution that reopened in the Spring of 2017 as Ox Bar de Tapas, in Calgary.

This renovation included relocating the central bar and removing the dividing partition to create an inclusive dining experience and a lively, open atmosphere. The repurposed hardwood floor was given added character with the addition of a patterned Spanish tile inlay. The refreshed finishes include warm wood tones, natural Carrara marble throughout, patterned banquettes with cozy dining nooks and the soft arched details throughout are a nod to the Spanish architecture our team is so moved by.


Bridgette Bar

Completed in the fall of 2016, Bridgette Bar is the latest chef-driven bar to arrive on the Calgary restaurant scene. Heavily influenced by the movers and shakers of the the 1960’s and early 70’s, the interior is welcoming and unpretentious, yet executed with extreme attention to detail. Featuring a unique lower bar (complete with green marble your grandparents would be proud of), a cozy lounge composed of vintage furniture oriented around a suspended wood-burning fireplace, and an open kitchen complete with a wood fire grill in the main dining area, Bridgette Bar encourages guests to "come as you are" and even stay awhile.

RCA Diagnostics – Coventry Hills Location

RCA Diagnostics came to FRANK with the challenge of designing a medical imaging clinic unlike any other in the country. Using our experience in the hospitality realm, we challenge the spatial layout and aesthetic design of a traditional clinic to produce an experience that reduces patient anxiety and elevates their comfort.

Designed in collaboration with patients, employees and healthcare professionals, the environment created feels warm and safe. Patient lounge features charging stations, refreshments and calming elements such as dimmed lighting, soothing music and comfortable seating.

Ricardos Hideaway

This intimate Havana-inspired rum bar is the perfect spot to kick back after work. Tucked just off of 17th Avenue in Calgary, the space features just over 775 square feet of indoor area, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a flavorful cocktail with a friend. In the summer months, the space expands onto a sun-lit patio that features a large fragrant mint wall, allowing the smells and sounds of this quirky, playful cocktail lounge to spill out towards the street.

Our team had a lot of fun finding inspiration for the aesthetics of the space. The bar features cane webbing and a reclaimed marble counter. By contrast, the walls are interspersed with Cuban-inspired dark color blocking and unique accent wallpaper.

We hope to see you out for a cocktail (or two) soon.

Alpine Social

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts contacted FRANK to design a renovation to the Glacier Saloon within the Chateau Lake Louise. They were not sure what the space wanted to become but that it needed upgrading and to be reinvented as a social gathering space that would speak to their guests of all ages and backgrounds.

FRANK worked with the Chateau to develop a lounge concept that is rooted in the history of the swiss guides that settled the area and founded the Chateau with the Canadian Pacific Rail. The swiss guide narrative comes through in the subtle details of the project. Leather strapping, hooks and pulley systems are referenced in the lighting, rails and millwork details; while graphic artwork references mountaineering and climbing.


Located along the busy 17th Avenue corridor, Royale is perfectly situated for those who want to experience the intimate bustle of a traditional French brasserie. As a complement to the food, the space mirrors an elegant, highly-considered Parisian design aesthetic. The sophisticated use of leather and velvet for the banquettes, marble table tops and polished brass accents accompany the decadent 50 foot long cast zinc bar top to create a polished yet eclectic atmosphere.

Our FRANK team worked with both the client and construction management firm to deliver this project on an accelerated timeframe. We are proud of the working relationship we established with the entire project team.

Chuck’s Steakhouse
Chuck’s Steakhouse celebrates this history of Alberta Ranchlands deeply rooted in local culture. Rustic traditional materials with a collection of cowboy eclectic and Navajo textiles, give the sense of dining in a private ranch house. A nod to the era of ‘steak’, subtle elements of mid-century modern are married throughout with lighting, furniture and mirrors on the ceiling.

Situated in the heart of Eau Claire, the delicate design acts to enhance the delectable fresh-baked pastries and breads made in-house daily.

Designed to be a full commercial bakery and café, this project brings function and fashion together in one. The space is elegant and airy, featuring a whitewashed palette, custom-designed light fixtures and a beautiful ‘courtyard-style’ patio to the south.

High Rollers

Pins. Pints, Pizza

Our most playful design to date, High Rollers is one part beer hall and four parts fun. The space features a 6-lane bowling alley, a retro-DJ booth and an expansive, carefully detailed wood bar to showcase the 50 craft beers on tap. Collaboration with Glasfurd & Walker to introduce bold colours, playful neon signage and strong graphic presence are fun and approachable. High Rollers has quickly established itself as a hub for both Banff tourists and locals alike.


Nestled in the neighbourhood of Sunnyside above the Vendome Café (also designed by FRANK), these apartments bring a little taste of Paris to Calgary.

Inspired by classic French interiors with a modern touch, these apartments are particularly unique to Calgary as they showcase a mix of old and new. The design maintains the beautiful textures of the existing walls while offering contemporary, clean-lined kitchen and bathroom millwork to contrast the historic character of the century-old space. Frankly, they are just luxurious.


Mercatino, meaning “Little Market,” is a unique market-style restaurant that serves delicious, healthy, and natural food that’s fast and gentle on the wallet. Serving more than 800 people per day Monday through Friday, Mercatino’s second location occupies approximately 2750 sq.ft on the plus-15 level of Calgary’s Fifth Avenue Place Tower. The space features six unique food stations, giving Calgary’s corporate crowd a wide variety of ‘made fresh daily’ hot and cold meal options.

Improving on it’s prior successes, FRANK worked closely with the client group to develop an unique aesthetic concept for the business. The crisp, modern and timeless design throughout the establishment sets this location apart from its competitors. The space features a large geometric floor tile pattern, custom-designed feature brass light fixtures, and a 40 ft long solid-surface serving counter. Large expanses of patterned wall tile and the subtle brass detailing act to complement the strong articulate graphic and wayfinding strategy established by the project’s graphic designer, The Bureau.

Keep your eye out for another Mercatino coming soon!

Last Best Brewery & Distillery

Brewery. Distillery. Eatery. Alberta-Focused Beer. Oh, and a Barbershop.

Drawing from turn of the century historic influences when the Canadian government launched a campaign called 'The Last Best West', this space pays homage to the historical and ground-breaking craft brewing and distilling pioneers. Featuring glistening wood tones, a 45 seat long wood bar, 9 stainless steel brew tanks, exposed structural and decorative steel details, and custom-designed light fixtures, this project is creating quite a buzz in Southern Alberta.

We are particularly fond of this project as it our largest and most technically complex project to date. FRANK worked closely with the client group and general contractor to keep portions of the existing brewery operational during construction and successfully navigated a difficult approvals process for the grain roller, distillery and barbershop components. We look forward to sharing a beer (or two) with you in this beautiful space the coming months.

Designed to feel like a Parisian wine bar and cafe, salvaged and reclaimed materials were used to create the perfect balance of both old and new. The tin ceiling and marble countertops have Parisian and Barcelona influences, while close seating proximity and the open kitchen create a bustling yet intimate feel.
YYC Cycle

YYC Cycle offers a unique workout experience that will leave your mind and body feeling energized and rejuvenated. The design of this ultra-funky spin studio took inspiration from the strong graphic and color strategy of the business’ logo. FRANK designed everything from the floorplan to the custom benches and wallpaper, providing the client with ample opportunity to showcase their ‘true colors’. We are particularly in love with the spin studio, as it showcases a large boisterous motivational graphic and a custom sound/lighting system that make you feel like you’re getting your groove on.

Double Zero Chinook

With over 10,000 square feet of space, we created two separate experiences – a casual market on the main level and a full service restaurant and lounge on the top floor. The introduction of strong patterns, highly considered millwork details and grand photographs reflect the same artisan quality of the carefully crafted menu.

National Westhills

Located in the suburban context of Westhills, it was important that this space had its own distinct feel while still maintaining 'National' brand design elements. Using the bones of a former Blockbuster, we designed the interior and exterior to have National's craftsman undertones in a more family friendly setting. The fresh white wash, natural wood finishes, and communal seating lend itself to neighborhood and family dining.

Model Milk

Located within one of Calgary's historic buildings that was home to a dairy in the 1930s, our concept for Model Milk was to play off the nostalgia and history of the building to create a narrative that mixed old with new. We aimed to create a more social environment with intimate seating, while a deformalized entry made the restaurant more reminiscent of a dwelling. The open kitchen acts as a stage not only exposing the process of cooking but reinforcing the experience of dining at your crazy uncle's dinner party. A popular, high-energy bistro Model Milk celebrates both nostalgia and modern life.

Model Milk PDR

With wood paneling, mid-century furniture, vintage armchairs and fur throws, the unexpected and seductive space on the second floor of Model Milk has deep1960s influences. The vinyl collection and dark moody atmosphere create both privacy, and mystery.


Inspired by Korean folklore, the space reflects the owner's reverence to tradition while offering unexpected elements to keep things as fresh as their menu. Undertones of Korean culture are injected throughout, while hints of storytelling and nationalism create a space that is perfect for group dining.

National 8th

A Canadian spin on the Ivy League sporting club, National 8th is a versatile space that's both regal and fun. There's a 600-person rooftop beer garden, a moody taproom with athletic stripes, deep tufted booths and dimly lit library lamps throughout. It feels as though it has been there forever, yet the contemporary bold graphics keep it grounded within contemporary culture.

Diner Deluxe Aspen

A more sophisticated take on the 50s retro diner, this new location is a fresh open space with pastel colors from the "diner" era, and mid-century inspired seating. The bold graphics placed throughout the space set it a part from its Edmonton Trail location, while "diner" themes are mixed with more contemporary ideas.

"We love spaces that are encapsulating, entrancing, crisp, contemporary, and above all, spaces
that best reflect our clients. We love to create and imagine - and learn something new with every project.”

National 17th Ave

Located on one of the busiest corners in Calgary, National is a North American beer hall concept embedded with Canadian references and design elements. Cool craftsman undertones are layered with industrial railway design details throughout, including custom designed electronic flap-display Solari boards. Functional long communal wood tables define the space and individual seating is delineated systematically with steel banding and assigned engraved numbers. Since opening their doors in June 2012, we have had the opportunity to be involved with three more National locations in Calgary.

Double Zero Downtown

In designing Calgary's premier pizza and wine destination, we created a market style experience where customers would feel as if they were eating in the chef's pantry. Shelves stocked with ingredients used by the restaurant created layers and separation of space. Long stretches of tables with both high and low seating added an energetic vibe, while the low lighting keeps the room intimate.

Clive Burger
Located on 17th Avenue, Clive Burger was designed as homage to the classic 50's American burger stand. The design aesthetic is simple to reflect their organic food program and 100% compostable directive. In keeping with the idea that less is definitely best, our design response includes a simple palette. The wood in the space maintains a natural finish and white walls are used as a backdrop for the 'Clive Burger Family' characters highlighting the trial and tribulations of the created character Clive.



FRANK Architecture is in the business of creating memorable spaces. Although we sometimes dabble in residential architecture, most of our work is in hospitality, giving way to visions and moods and atmospheres of the next big venue, bistro, bar, or restaurant. We are particularly fond of that kind of design, as it gives us the opportunity to indulge in a creative process and detailed exploration that we undoubtedly love.

The team of directors at FRANK offer unique and broad range of expertise, and we ensure that each of our projects takes leaps forward from the smallest detail to the largest design concept. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that each space, each detail, each material, and each atmosphere creates a space and place that meets their wishes.

Our interests and capacities are broad and ever expanding. We love to create, and most of all, we love to create spaces that are encapsulating, entrancing, crisp, contemporary, and a seemingly perfect blend of both traditional and modern architectural principles. Our imaginations know no bounds; we are only limited by the laws of physics, paint palettes and a possible lack of caffeine prior to 8 am. We are always eager to begin our next project, and are always excited to hear about a new vision or idea. We love our clients, and maintain long and strong relationships with all of them. As always, we love new clients with new ideas and new challenges. 

Kate Allen


As a founding member of the FRANK team, Kate’s talents and abilities in the world of architecture come from years of experience both locally and internationally. With a keen sense for the newest movements and trends in contemporary architecture, Kate brings an edge to FRANK that is unmatched. She has a strong talent for conceptual process and capturing ‘big’ ideas. Kate’s ability to stretch her imagination and critical eye to any size project or budget is almost unbelievable. With her design sense and critical approach, FRANK continues to turn out projects that are both well designed and well detailed – to an international standard.

Kelly Morrison


As a founding member of FRANK, Kelly is well versed in Calgary’s shift toward a more contemporary design context. With an obsessive standard of design excellence, Kelly’s eye for detail makes every FRANK project the product of a thorough design process. Kelly’s love of contemporary art and architecture is constant and ever-growing, with her finger on the pulse – FRANK has cemented itself within the future of Calgary’s architectural scene.

Kristen Lien


As our Lead Architect and Principal, Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge to each project.
With a particular interest in critical design, Kristen’s thorough approach comes from her years spent working at other local firms, building both a professional and critical eye. Her passion for architecture is matched only by her meticulous attention to an aesthetic design standard, technical detail, and purist design sensibilities. Kristen’s considered approach ensures that FRANK’s projects are delivered on schedule and on budget, all while maintaining the clients’ wish lists from the onset.


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