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Nice To Meet You

FRANK Architecture is an imagination-fuelled, award-winning, full-service architecture firm in the business of creating memorable spaces. With offices in Calgary and Banff, Alberta, we provide a wide array of architectural and interior design services, including residential, commercial, and hospitality. At FRANK, we take pride in offering multi-layered concepts, giving way to visions, moods, and atmospheres that are unique and meaningful.

Established in 2009 and led by principals Kelly Morrison, Kate Allen, and Kristen Lien, FRANK’s team of registered architects, interior designers, and technical experts has completed more than 100 projects across Canada. We offer a unique and broad skill set that ensures each of our projects is brought to life with thoughtful consideration. We work closely with all of our clients, and our passion for the creative process and detailed exploration is evident in each space, each detail, each material, and each atmosphere we create.

FRANK’s designs do not rely on cliché, trend or spectacle — we create memorable spaces that honour the design narrative while fulfilling clients’ practical needs as well as many of their loftier wishes. Our portfolio includes large-scale commercial projects that enhance urban landscapes, residential designs that elevate day-to-day life, and hospitality projects that provide authentic experiences and have become landmarks in their own rights. Our imaginations know no bounds when we are confronted with new concepts or unique challenges.

As an architectural firm that loves to build long and strong relationships with our clients, FRANK is perpetually excited to hear about a new vision or idea and begin our next project.