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As a Founding Partner at FRANK, Kelly Morrison’s sense of integrity, dedication and strength of character form the backbone of the company. A natural connector, her passion for establishing and nurturing long-lasting relationships with clients and industry partners helps elevate FRANK’s level of service and creates new and exciting opportunities.

Kelly’s innate sense of style and obsessive attention to detail make her an intuitive designer who challenges those around her to “think big.” With this visionary approach, she employs a wealth of inspiration and a keen sense of the newest movements in design to pursue elegant and timeless work that truly tells a story. Through her hands-on approach, she ensures the end result is beautiful, considered and carefully crafted.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Architecture at the University of Calgary, Kelly quickly fell in love with hospitality design and was instrumental in FRANK landing several of its first clients, including Model Milk, Ox and Angela, and Pigeonhole. These earlier projects were the perfect opportunity for Kelly to translate her love of travel to her love of design. The integration of these two passions — combined with her high design standards — continues to drive her career forward and forge new creative territory. Kelly has built a reputation for creating layered, multi-dimensional spaces that expertly blend décor, art and design.


Kate Allen is one of the creative powerhouses at FRANK and brings a background in fine arts as well as international experience to her role as Principal and Founding Partner. After ten years at the firm, and with more than 100 projects under her belt, Kate has built a reputation as a skilled leader whose wealth of inspiration and incredibly high standards has raised the bar for architecture and design in Canada.

After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, Kate earned her Masters of Architecture at the University of Calgary in 2009. As a lifelong student of architectural theory, she believes there should be a conceptual basis for every project in order for it to have a richness and a meaning that people can relate to. This deep understanding of the balance between form and function guides FRANK’s passionate and collaborative approach.

Kate’s design aesthetic is influenced by places imbued with magic, nostalgia, and romance of the past. Drawing influence from her travels, her international point of view allows FRANK to create work that not only tells new stories but also responds and reacts to the histories and concepts of a space’s past. She sees each project as an opportunity to challenge people to become a different version of themselves or learn something new about the world through the space.


As a Principal at FRANK, Kristen Lien marries artistic thinking with hard-lined technical solutions. Her direct and methodical approach to problems ensures that her clients’ needs are fulfilled through the design process. She pours pride and soul into thoughtful, creative, and innovative solutions through tireless research and a collaborative approach.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies, Kristen went on to obtain a Masters in Architecture at the University of Calgary, where her artistic and technical sides found the perfect union. Kristen is known for her clear advice and guidance and leads her team to success by example. She is dedicated and purposefully honest. Kristen believes that great design brings real, tangible value to her client’s business, and is excited at any opportunity to bringing a vision to life. Kristen is continuously seeking the opportunity to learn something new, and the diversity of design projects at FRANK allows her to pursue this passion daily.

Kristen’s strengths as an Architect elevate FRANK’s designs and have led to great success and growth of the firm’s portfolio to include a wide range of projects, from industry-leading hospitality designs to full-blown historical building preservation and renovation projects. Kristen is actively involved within the profession and at the University, acting as an advisor and mentor to young women pursing professional registration in various provinces accross Canada.


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