A dining room with wood tables and green curved chairs to the left. To the right is a stone fireplace with dark orange and black framed chairs.


Food & Beverage

North Pyramid Lake Road
Jasper, AB
T0E 1E0

Located along the shoreline of Pyramid Lake, Aalto is where the alpine meets the shoreline.  Pyramid Lake is our muse: the inspiration for both the interior space and the menu comes from the lake’s shimmering waters and the sky-scraping peaks towering around the property.

Each design decision was made to consciously reinforce the connection to Pyramid Lake.  The Spirits of the Lake Tasting Bar greets you upon entry to the space and features a show-stopping back drop of spirits for tasting.  The ceiling features back painted mirror and provides depth through reflection of the space.

The lakes shapeshifting nature was used to inspire versatility in the space.  The Columbia room is a seated dining room by day and event space by night.  The color palette is inspired by the ever-changing seasons, evoking a deep sense of emotion in an elegant and warm space. 

In the main dining area, the tall windows are framed by elongated drapery panels to both frame the views enhance the connection to the lake when the windows are open.  The lounge is grounded by an oversized wood-burning fireplace that can also be seen from the dining area, warming the space through the crackle of the fire from morning to night.