Barbarella Bar

Bridgette Bar

Cropped photo of a bed with white linens and a throw pillow with a black X on it. There is a large black and white mountain photograph on the wall above the wooden headboard. The walls are green.

The Approach Hotel




Lonely Mouth

Assorted chairs arranged around a white coffee table in a hotel lobby

The Westley Hotel

Morning Brunch Co.

Hello Sunshine

Large fabric chairs surrounding dining tables with green panel wall and large abstract painting in background

Major Tom

A sink built into a black marble counter has brass fixtures and is next to a pink vase and glass water bottle


Bar chairs sit under a long bar counter on top of a patterened tile floor

Rundle Bar

Pink chairs are on either side of a small coffee table stacked with a book and vases

The Glencoe Club

Brown bookshelf filled with trinkets to the left of a burning fire place with a colourful painting above fireplace


Black and wood chairs are arranged around a set table with stacks of wood tucked underneath stairs are in the background

Three Bears

Blue velvet seating booth in the foreground and shelves with upside down wine glasses and plants in the background


Marble table and grey seating bench in the foreground with a large restaurant bar filled with liquor in the background

Fairview Bar

A seating area surrounded by wood panels and a brown couch below paintings in the middle

Mayfair Diagnostics

Brown chairs facing two black tables and grey seating bench with a tall plant next to the bench

Norwood Hotel

A portrait of a woman is to the right of art decor and a plant and glasses on top of a table


Light pink door with a black handle next to a hallway

Diner Deluxe Mahogany

Abstract and tall golden metal lamps sit on top of a wide wooden room divider

Vermillion Room

White and blue chairs surrounding round white dining table with colourful painting on the wall

Cafe 29

Black and white awnings hanging above a window and teal blue door, middle awning say Marzano


Gold and black bar chairs facing a green bar with a tall liquor wall in background

Bridgette Bar

A boxing ring in the middle of a brick walled room next to a window

Rumble NW

Low white chairs facing a coffee table, grey couch with pillows, and a big shelving unit filled with trinkets


Wooden stools underneath a long wooden table with plants on top underneath back hanging lights


White tiled pizza oven

Pizzeria Gusto

A black light fixture attached to a wooden wall hanging above a patterned seating bench

OX Bar De Tapas

Old wooden skis rest against a wall next to a burning fire place

Kootenay Street Residence

Brown bar stools in front of a marble bar top with shelves, liquor bottles and hanging plants in the background


A woman is making a cocktail at a white and green tiled bar top


Two black chairs in front of a white table with a decorative plant on top, large window in background


Blue chairs surrounding a set dining table with a bar in the background surrounded by brown bar chairs

The Bison

A cabinet that has shelves is filled with liquor


A light fixture with a gold shield design

Alpine Social

A table top on a pink stand in front of a leather seating bench with windows in the background

Made By Marcus

White animal skull with horns

Chuck’s Steakhouse

Dining room with set tables and a large portrait of a man with shelves on either side in the background

Double Zero Chinook

Chairs facing tables and a tan leather seating bench are in the foreground and a bar with red bar stools are in the background

Model Milk PDR (Model Citizen)

Blue bar stools sit underneath a wooden bar top with a bar with shelves filled with liquor bottles in the back

Ricardo’s Hideaway

A table with a small plant on top is in focus while big green plants are in the background against a grey wall


Different colour and size lamps are hanging from a wooden beam above tables set for dining

Model Milk

High Rollers

Dark blue bar chairs facing a gold bar top with exposed ceilings above

Last Best

A lit up sign that says National is on a white brick wall hanging above a long wooden bar top and black bar stools

National 17

A wooden bar counter in the foreground and hanging aprons, a wine cooler, and beer menus in the background

National Westhills

Red and gold cups, and silver pots are stacked in a grey shelving unit


A neon sign that says Inner City Brewiing against a grey brick wall

Inner City Brewing

An orange chair facing a wooden table and bench with sketches on the wall in the background

Clive Burger

A globe shaped lamp is in front of a shelf that has coffee bags sitting on it


A room filled with stationary bikes are underneath liines of bright white lights. On the back wall are motivational quotes painted on top

YYC Cycle

Long wired, gold light fixtures on a ceiling


A white weathered brick archway that leads to a kitchen facing cupboards, cabinets and stove

Vendome Apartments

Chairs surrounding set dining tables with large portraits of people eating in the background

Double Zero Core

A black bar stool sits underneath a white counter top next to a shelf holding coffee bags in the foreground while industrial kitchen hardware are in the background

Vendome Cafe

Blue and orange bar chairs face a wooden bar table with a menu on top and a circular lighting fixture hanging above

National 8

People stand behind a restaurant bar in the background with an indoor tree in the foreground

Kuma Yuma

Neon yellow chairs facing wooden table and long leather seating bench against a white wood paneled wall

Diner Deluxe Aspen