Green dining booths to the left and white chairs and tables to the right

Cafe 29

Food & Beverage, Private Clubs

636 29 Ave SW,
Calgary, AB
T2S 0P1

Café 29 is the first in a series of projects that will progressively transform the food and beverage offerings of Calgary’s exclusive Glencoe Club. Since opening, Café 29 has quickly become the busiest food and beverage outlet in the club, and the place members proudly bring their guests and families.

At the onset of the renovation, the café was relocated to the south side of the building to optimize natural daylight and accentuate the bright and airy feeling of the space. A variety of seating styles were added, including jade green–upholstered banquettes, with ample clearance to allow for peak traffic flow. With the primary focus to step out of the tradition “club” feel, FRANK chose a bright color palette and mixed in luxurious materials, tiling and dark-grey wainscoting to give the space a modern feel with nods to its storied past. A Large-scale piece of modern art by Calgary artist Mark Dicey contributes a profusion of colour to the design.

The open-kitchen concept, open seating configuration, and use of vibrant colour create a level of sophistication that is both timeless and playful — an accurate reflection of the Glencoe Club and the community it serves.