Hello Sunshine

Food & Beverage

208 Wolf St #101,
Banff, AB
T1L 1B3

Located in Banff National Park, Hello Sunshine is a collaborative project with Little Giant Studio. This retro-inspired Japanese BBQ, sushi joint and karaoke bar that departs from the predictable to create an entirely new and unexpected Japanese dining experience. Taking cues from the unlikely juxtaposition of Japanese psychedelia meets spaghetti western meets mountain cabin, Hello Sunshine is bold, playful, and distinct. Inspired by an alternate reality where Japanese graphic designer, Tadanori Yokoo, ventured into the Canadian Rockies and sequestered himself in a cabin for years, the underlying design narrative is psychedelic inverted cabin.

The design expertly unites traditional mountain materiality with undulating psychedelic forms. Conventional Japanese design restraint is flipped on its head, giving way to bold color, pattern, and raw natural materials. Warm wood, natural stone, glazed tiles, patchwork textiles and paper lanterns are combined with lava lamps, disco balls, and bold contemporary artwork.

The spatial planning is intended to feel organic and meandering. Upon entry, the restaurant isn’t immediately visible but is slowly revealed as one moves through space. Layers unfold as guests explore the two discreet karaoke rooms and a golden gai-inspired tiny bar concealed within the space. The result is a bold and encapsulating space that surprises and delights guests with unexpected moments and distinctive style.