Diner Deluxe Mahogany

Food & Beverage

106 Mahogany Centre SE,
Calgary, AB
T3M 2V6

The community of Mahogany is a pocket within the city that offers a laid-back culture and refuge from bustling city life. This area boasts the largest lake in Calgary with plenty of beach space and social areas to enjoy with family and friends.

Diner Deluxe was built off the underlying narrative of classic 60s neighbourhood diners which serves the community, providing a place to congregate and socialize. Located in the heart of Westman Village, the diner serves as a community hub for breakfast, brunch and evening gatherings. The design pulls from its classic diner heritage, but with playful twists that attracts the community and feels welcoming to all demographics. 

Using common mid-century materials such as walnut, breeze block wall, brass details with pastel shades, bold fauna wallpaper, and lighting fixtures which use warm repurposed globes, the space reflects the diner era while contextually referencing the local beach culture. The addition of a cheeky tile inlay, neon signage and art add additional layers of playfulness to the space.