A seating area that is divided by wood paneling, one seating area has a wood bench, the other has leather seating

Mayfair Diagnostics


Mayfair Diagnostics engaged FRANK with a unique challenge to design a medical imaging clinic unlike any other in Canada. Using their ever-expanding expertise in the hospitality realm, FRANK reimagined the spatial layout and aesthetic design of a traditional clinic to produce an experience that helps alleviate patient anxiety and elevates their comfort.

FRANK worked collaboratively with patients, employees, and healthcare professionals to design an environment that does not feel “clinical” but instead offers a sense of safety and warmth. With its fluid, curved design with integrated seating built with warm-toned wood, the patient lounge was designed with an exceptional holistic user experience in mind and features charging stations, refreshment areas, and calming elements such as dimmed lighting, soothing music, and comfortable seating.

With the help of graphic design consultants, FRANK established creative way-finding and interior graphics elements that instill comfort and reassurance by allowing patients to navigate the space efficiently.