Different colour and size lamps are hanging from a wooden beam above tables set for dining

Model Milk

Food & Beverage

308 17 Ave SW,
Calgary, AB
T2S 0A8

Located in an historic building once home to a dairy in the 1930s, Model Milk presented a wealth of creative opportunities to establish a narrative celebrating the intersection of nostalgia and modern life. The FRANK team navigated the technical challenges of breathing new life into an old building. Elements of the original building were exposed and layered with new features such as French-industrial lighting and bistro-style seating to create an immersive experience for patrons.

FRANK aimed to create a social environment that allows the open kitchen to take center stage, not only exposing the process of cooking and Model Milk’s precise attention to detail but also reinforcing the experience of dining at an eccentric friend’s dinner party.

A deformalized entry resembles a welcoming residential foyer with a bustling vibe that opens to the impressive main dining room. Adjacencies and strategic placement of furniture elements encourage conversation and foster a community dining experience. Since it opened, Model Milk has garnered many accolades and set the tone for restaurant design in Calgary and across Canada.