Bar counter to the right of a set dining room with wood walls and large portraits

Pizzeria Gusto

Food & Beverage

404 Academy Rd,
Winnipeg, MB
R3N 0B8

The update to Pizzeria Gusto features natural materials including warm wood tones, brass accents and marble to provide a fresh take on a Winnipeg classic. The result is a room that looks refined while maintaining the laid-back atmosphere the restaurant is known for. Gusto’s branding colour is woven through thoughtfully placed textiles and greenery.

To capture the spirit of one of Winnipeg’s most popular dining establishments, FRANK worked closely with the client to create a strong narrative and brand identity by incorporating a selection of carefully curated artifacts and historical photographs. The existing wood-burning pizza oven was clad in marble to become the focal point in the room, and a mixture of seating styles, including felted moss-green chairs, and ‘70s-era Italian lighting fixtures create a welcoming, personal feeling atmosphere.

An open kitchen complete with a pasta maker, canned goods and cookbooks creates a welcoming environment and makes guests feel as if they’ve just stepped into Nonna’s home kitchen.